CARS Protection Plus

Motorists looking for peace of mind when they purchase a used vehicle may benefit from a CARS warranty plan. CARS Protection Plus has spent the last twenty years building customer trust through fast and efficient claims processing, a variety of protection plans which address key repairs, and a guarantee of always providing the coverage a customer has purchased. CARS Protection Plus also has an industry-leading acceptance level of 200,000 miles on most vehicles. Additionally, CARS Protection Plus maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


CARS Protection Plus was founded in 1998 to provide motorists with a better method of getting coverage for their vehicles. The company began with only six employees, but quality protection plans and a mission to deliver excellent customer services and claims processing has enabled CARS Protection Plus to grow into a company with over 115 employees. CARS Protection Plus has sold more than 1.5 million contracts, and there are more than 10,000 dealers in the United States currently offering CARS Protection Plus plans.

CARS Protection Plus Plans

Motorists have a number of different options to find the best protection plan for them. CARS warranty plans cover a wide variety of different repairs for most budgets. Customers can choose the best coverage for their needs and budget.  Here are the protection plans offered by CARS Protection Plus:

No matter the plan chosen, customers can rest assured they will always receive the coverage they purchased. Claims processing is quick and easy. If a failure occurs, a motorist can take their vehicle to a repair facility of his or her choosing. Before any repair is done, the facility must call CARS Protection Plus to open a claim. The claim will be reviewed and, if the repair falls within the scope of their coverage, processed and approved as quickly as possible – often  the same day. CARS will pay the facility immediately by credit card, or reimburse the customer, upon receipt of the final repair invoice.