CARS Protection Plus

CARS Protection Plus

Motorists looking for peace of mind when they purchase a used vehicle may benefit from a CARS warranty plan. CARS Protection Plus has spent the last twenty years building customer trust through its fast and efficient claims processing, a variety of protection plans for addressing key repairs, and a guarantee of always providing the coverage a customer has purchased. CARS Protection Plus also has an industry-leading acceptance level of 200,000 miles on most vehicles. Additionally, CARS Protection Plus maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


CARS Protection Plus was founded in 1998 to provide motorists with a better method of getting coverage for their vehicles. The company began with only six employees, but quality protection plans and a mission to deliver excellent customer services and claims processing has enabled CARS Protection Plus to grow into a company with over 115 employees. CARS Protection Plus has sold more than 1.5 million contracts, and there are now more than 10,000 dealers in the United States that offer CARS Protection Plus plans.

CARS Protection Plus Plans

Motorists have a number of different options to find the best protection plan for them. CARS warranty plans cover a wide variety of different repairs for most budgets. Customers can easily choose the best coverage for their needs and budget.  Here are the protection plans offered by CARS Protection Plus:

No matter the plan chosen, customers can rest assured they will always receive exactly the coverage they payed for. Claims processing is quick and easy, and if a failure occurs, the motorist can take their vehicle to a repair facility of his or her choosing. Before any repair is done, the facility must call CARS Protection Plus to open a claim. The claim will be reviewed, and if the repair falls within the scope of their coverage, it will be processed and approved as quickly as possible – usually on the same day. CARS will pay the facility immediately by credit card or reimburse the customer upon receipt of the final repair invoice.

What Do Customers Say About CARS Protection Plus?

CARS Protection Plus prides itself on its dedication to the customer experience, ensuring that they receive comprehensive coverage and assistance with their cars’ issues. Below are a few common talking points in feedback and testimonials from customers and car dealers who have dealt with CARS Protection Plus.

Commitment to Quality Service

Quality service is vital in the auto insurance industry, which is why CARS Protection Plus and its staff are always looking for innovative ways to provide more value and assistance to their customers and collaborating dealerships. To this end, feedback and testimonials from those who have worked with CARS Protection Plus frequently mention the care that this team takes to ensure the best service and products possible. The company also provides multiple ways to reach professionals for assistance, and it responds to all inquiries promptly.

Professional Staff

Nothing is worse than filing a claim with your insurance provider only to be met with in-house staff who are discourteous, unempathetic, and rushing through your call. CARS Protection Plus set out to redefine the standards of the vehicle industry with staff who handle each case professionally and kindly through each step of the process. Not only does CARS Protection Plus’s staff give each customer the chance to voice their concerns and provide information on their exact needs, but they also acknowledge just how important it is to communicate well, ask the right questions, and offer fair solutions.

Diverse Range of Programs

Cookie-cutter protection programs can often leave people without the coverage that they paid for and need for their vehicles. With this in mind, CARS Protection Plus is recognized for the diverse range of programs that it includes for its customers, ensuring that they can always make offers that meet a wide range of customers’ needs and budgets. Having the best coverage possible is essential to proper car protection, care, and maintenance, which is why CARS Protection Plus invests so much into its customer contracts and programs.

CARS Protection Plus

Quickness and Efficiency

When it comes to car care, quickness and efficiency are key to ensuring satisfied customers and properly working vehicles. This is why CARS Protection Plus works hard to ensure that claims are handled in a timely manner and that services are up to par with, if not exceeding, industry standards. Testimonials often mention how claims made with CARS Protection Plus are settled quickly and fairly. After settling, CARS Protection Plus also pays claims immediately after receiving completed service bills. With so many service providers dragging their feet when handling cases, it is no surprise that CARS Protection Plus’s approach is appreciated by customers and dealers alike. They simply care about a well-rounded customer experience.

Helpful Approach

CARS Protection Plus understands that our vehicles play an important role in our livelihoods, and how it is in our best interest to protect them as well as possible. Even so, the company also acknowledges that many vehicle owners are not aware of the necessary steps to properly maintenance cars and keep them on the road for years to come. CARS Protection Plus has built a reputation on its helpful approach to car ownership and maintenance, ensuring that vehicle owners are able to easily learn about concepts such as transferring coverage, filing claims, figuring out where to receive service, and accessing comprehensive resources detailing car care.

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