Tips for Driving in autumn

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With the ending of daylight savings time just behind us, many of us are preparing for driving in the inclement weather that is quickly approaching in the winter. What some of us may not consider is that driving during the fall can present a host of issues for even the most seasoned of drivers as well. In interest of road safety, CARS Protection Plus offers 3 tips to keep you safe while driving during this fall season.

Leaves Can Be Dangerous: When we imagine slipperiness on the road, the main perpetrators are often water, snow, or ice. Leaves, however, can present just as many problems on the road for drivers as they accumulate on the roadway. Leaves may become wet and slippery, disrupting your tires’ traction as you drive through particularly wooded areas.  In addition to the issues with traction, leaves can present a visual distraction as well. Not only can falling leaves quickly accumulate on your windshield, but their presence on the road can also make it difficult to tell lanes apart while driving. CARS Protection Plus acknowledges the importance of safety and offers the warning to drive cautiously and keep safe distances between your car and others when on roads covered with leaves.

Protect Yourself from Sun Glare: Sun glare can also be a distraction when driving during the autumn, especially as the earlier sunrise times begin to coincide with drivers’ commute times. Sun glare can be guarded against in a variety of ways including; cleaning your windshield regularly and keeping your car’s sun visor free of clutter for ease of use.

Be Cautious of Wildlife in the Road: A variety of forest wildlife have mating and migration patterns that peak around the fall, which increases the need for being mindful of their presence on the road. Deer, for example, breed in the fall and can often be seen crossing the road in much larger numbers during this time of the year. CARS Protection Plus acknowledges the dangers that wildlife crossings can have for drivers and urges commuters to be particularly cautious during peak migration periods for forest animals.