Top Rated Used Car Models to Consider for Your Next Purchase

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With new car prices soaring, many people have found that buying a used car can be a great financial alternative. Don’t think that just because a car has a few years on it that it’s not worth your consideration. There are many older-model cars and trucks that are high-quality, durable, and attractive vehicles that will work great for your situation.

If you’re considering purchasing a used car but aren’t sure which one fits your needs and budget, we’ve created a list of some compelling – if not immediately obvious – car choices on the market now. We’ll discuss why these models continue to rank well in performance and popularity so that you have a better idea which vehicle might be best for you. Regardless of which you choose, always give yourself that extra piece of security with a warranty from Cars Protection Plus.

Small Cars: 2018 Kia Rio

The 2018 Kia Rio is a sporty, subcompact car that’s a great choice for someone looking for a smaller vehicle.


  • Scores high in safety tests
  • Comfortable for both driver and passengers
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Sporty design
  • Reliable; has high longevity

One of the best features of this car is the safety ratings, which is why this vehicle has been popular for multiple years in a row.

The 2018 Kia Rio was named among the Top Safety Picks by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This car is equipped with safety features like automatic emergency braking, a rearview camera, and a forward collision warning.

The 2018 Rio also features a 130-horsepower, 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine and either a standard six-speed manual transmission or six-speed automotive.


Current listings for this car range anywhere from $13,000 to $16,000 depending on the condition and mileage.

The 2018 Kia Rio is comparable to the 2018 Honda Fit and the 2018 Ford Fiesta.

Trucks: 2016 Toyota Tacoma

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma is loved now for what it was loved for back in 2016 — it’s reliable, safe, has great off-road capabilities, and lends some surprising muscle for a compact truck.


  • Smooth, quiet drive
  • Off-road capability
  • Rear and four-wheel drive
  • Four and six-cylinder available

The 2016 Tacoma is one of the safest trucks in its category. It rates well in crash tests and scores four out of five with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The 2016 Tacoma features:

  • 152 horsepower four-cylinder engine or a V6 engine with 278 horsepower
  • Standard rear-wheel drive and six-speed automatic transmission or four-wheel drive with five or six-speed manual transmission also available

The 2016 Tacoma is a comfortable ride and thanks to its compact design, it’s easy to maneuver. It has great off-road capabilities, but acceleration might feel slow for some with the four-cylinder engine. Gas mileage is of course better with the four-cylinder version rather than the V6.


Depending on the condition and mileage of the vehicle, pricing for a 2016 Toyota Tacoma could start at about $23,000 and end at around $36,000. It’s amazing how these trucks are holding their value.

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma is comparable to the 2016 Chevy Colorado, the 2016 GMC Canyon, and the 2016 Toyota Tundra.

Compact SUVs: 2010 Honda CR-V

Although older than most recommendations, this vehicle ranks as one of the best compact SUVs due to its reliability and smooth-riding capabilities.


  • Comfortable interior
  • Great fuel economy
  • Scores high in safety tests
  • Easy to maneuver, especially for an SUV

Scoring a five out of five for safety from the National Highway Traffic Administration, the 2010 Honda CR-V is one of the safest vehicles in crash tests.

This vehicle is also quite spacious even though it is a smaller SUV. This means it’s ideal for someone looking for a family-size vehicle that’s still easy to park and won’t kill you at the gas pump.

The 2010 Honda CR-V features a 180-horsepower four-cylinder engine and a standard five-speed automatic transmission.

The four-cylinder engine of the CR-V might feel sluggish to some when accelerating but has no trouble getting up to speed on the highway. This vehicle does not come in a six-cylinder model, unfortunately, but what you lose in horsepower, you gain in gas mileage. With 21 to 28 mpg depending on the area, the 2010 Honda CR-V does a nice job with fuel economy for an SUV.


Listings for this vehicle usually begin at about $8,500 and can go up to about $15,000.

The 2010 Honda CR-V is comparable to the 2010 Toyota RAV4 and the 2010 Subaru Forester.

If you like the sound of the CR-V but perhaps want a newer model with the same advantages, the 2014 Honda CR-V is a great choice. With a sportier, refined look, the 2014 CR-V offers great fuel economy, comfort, and safety features for a listing price roughly between $14,000 and $22,000.

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Buying a Used Car

When buying a used car, it’s important to do your homework. If you know what type of vehicle you want, whether that be a car for just you, one for a growing family, or one to assist you on the job, read reviews and ask your dealership questions.

We hope that this overview of some top-rated vehicle models has helped you narrow down your search!

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