Safe Driving Tips for the Winter Season

CARS Protection Plus

As the chill of winter sets in over the Northern and Mid-Western United States it is important to ready your vehicle for safe winter travel. Blustery cold winds, ice and snow all present challenges when traveling by personal vehicle. But with proper preparation you can take back control over winter weather driving.

Preheating your vehicle isn’t necessary for the health of your vehicle, but it does make it easier to remove ice from your windows. Avoid long preheating times, but ensure that your vehicle is clear of ice and snow that could obstruct your view of the road. Check your local ordinances for regulations on allowing a vehicle to idle unoccupied.

Allow extra time to reach your destination. If you need to travel 30 miles, driving 10 mph slower will only delay your arrival by about 7 minutes. Leaving the house 15 minutes early will allow more time to navigate uncertain road conditions.  Increasing you following distance gives you time to adjust to incoming road condition changes and other driver’s behavior. Be aware that not everyone is alert to changing road conditions; you may have to quickly adjust speed or course to avoid trouble ahead. Try to make these changes such as turns and braking gradually, sudden changes in momentum can lead to skidding.

Being prepared is half the battle when dealing with snow or icy road hazards. Remember your sunglasses help to block solar glare and bright snowy reflections. Adjust your tire pressure as needed. Tire pressure is variable depending on the outside temperature. Consider picking up a tire gauge with a release valve in case you need to let off a little air during temperature changes.

Finally keeping your vehicle clean and well stocked with supplies is essential in the winter months. Remember to wash your vehicle frequently, and keep the window washer reservoir topped off. Packing small duffel with a blanket, flares and a few long lasting food items could come in handy if conditions get the best of you. Preparedness is essential not only during the winter months but at all times. It’s why a vehicle service contract from CARS Protection Plus is such a wise investment.

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